Inverter/Converter Health

Boosts and inverts the high voltage electricity from the Hv Battery pack to 3 phase Ac electricity that drives the electric motors

The inverter / converter also converts Ac electricity from the electric generator and electric Motors (regenerative braking) to DC that recharge the HV Battery pack

We can Repair Your Failed Inverters and if you need to Replace inverter from any Hybrid car we have inverters in stock for alot of Toyota ,Lexus And Honda Models.

We Specialise in inverter Replacement and repairing in the most professional way with the right High Voltage Insulated Tools.

We have Parts for all Japanese hybrids from Low mileage cars and we give warranty of our parts which is a peace of mind for our customers.

Check Hybrid Value Their Customer

Our staff always attend to you promptly

Agree the work to be carried out and provide a fully inclusive quote

Provide a professional recommendation if we identify any parts that require replacing