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Having trouble with your Hybrid battery not charging, low MPG, warning lights on dash, or car not starting at all?



We will come to you & diagnose the fault, will help clear any fault codes & also replace the complete battery pack as a full repair & not just replace the faulty modules. We have the knowledge, expertise & tools to completely repair, Re-condition & revive Hybrid Batteries.


Our Hybrid battery reconditioning service can save you money by reconditioning your failing Hybrid Battery. This will not only save you money but also extend your battery life.

If some of your battery modules have failed, we will not just replace the faulty modules & leave knowing the fault will appear in a few months or even after a few days. We have built a reputation on trust & good workmanship. So we like to do things right & not cut corners.


What we do is, we have good quality genuine batteries at our workshop & we do a complete re-condition on our batteries at our facility. Then when we get a call from the customer, we do all the diagnosis to find the fault & if it is due to a faulty or failing battery, we will bring a fully re-conditioned battery & fix it at your chosen location. This guarantees your car will run without any faults appearing in the hybrid battery system as the complete battery is revived & deep cycled.

Repair takes 4 hours. References can be provided from our happy customers for previous work carried out.

Once the battery is replaced it will run for many thousands of miles & years without any issue. For peace of mind, we offer an enhanced warranty as well.

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